TFT LCD 1.44 Inch TFT Lcd Display Screen Resolution 128*128

Resolution: 128x128
Type: TFT
Polarizer: Transmissive
Active Area: 25.50*26.50mm
Viewing Angle: 12 O'clock
Driver IC: ST7735S
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Product Details

1.Type: TFT
2.Number of dots: 128*128
3.Viewing angle: 12 O'clock
4.Polarizer: Transmissive
5.Active area: 25.50*26.50mm
6.Drive IC: ST7735S
7.Working temp: -20℃ TO +70℃
8.Storage temp: -30℃ TO +80℃
Display images

1.44 tft.41.44 tft.5名片

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