3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD Display ILI9488 IC

Display mode:TFT / Transmissive
Viewing Angle:12 O'clock
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3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC

3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC


3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC

3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC




Outline Dimension




Active Area


Display Mode

TFT / Transmissive

Pixel Pitch


Viewing Direction

12 Oclock


3 Chip-White LEDS Parallel

Drive IC



White(3.2V, 100mA)







3.5 Inch RGB TFT LCD display ILI9488 IC


Main Application


Telecommunication Devices

Telephone, interphone, watch, tablet PC, radio,etc

Technical Equipment

Elevator controller, Industrial machine, etc

Office Automation

Printer, scanner, attendance machine, fax machine, etc

Home Appliances

Electric cooker, video doorbell, water purifier, washing machine, air purifier, air-conditioner remote, refrigerator, home integrator, etc


GPS, video player, speedometer, audio broadcast, etc

IT Products

Camera, hand-held digital video, projector, media player, tablet PC, etc

Medical Equipment

Camera, hand-held digital video, projector, media play, tablet PC, etc

Financial Appliances

POS machine, electronic price tag, U-shield, ETC, calculating machine, etc 

Industrial Control

Digital thermometer, digital thermostat, digital moisture meter, etc

Consumer Electronics

 MP3, MP4, smart bracelet, E-cigs, electronic Alarm Clock, digital phote frame, digital still camera, digital video camera, E-book reader, game console, DVD player, cell phone

ShenZhen Enrich Electronics Co.,Ltd is an professional LCD manufacturer which specialized in developing, designing and customizing various types of TN/HTN/STN/FSTN/VA monochrome LCD and small size OLED display. Our products mainly apply to medical electronics, financial devices, home appliance and other fields. Most of our products are exported to Europe, America, South and East Asia.


1.Q: What kind of business are you?


A: We are ODM & OEM manufactory which dedicates to designment and production of TN/HTN/STN/FSTN/DFSTN/VA monochrome LCD and small size OLED display. We have our own workshops, and there are over 300 workers in the workshops.


2.Q: Do you offer custom solution?


A: We are delighted to make an custom-made products for you. Tooling charge is required but can be refunded during the official order.


3.Q: How long it takes me to expect the sample?


A: Standard sample will be expected in 3~7 workdays after your placement. Custom-made sample will take much longer time, and finally depends on the situation. Sample charge and freight are required.


4.Q: How can I visit your factory?


A: It’s our pleasure that you want to pay a visit to our factory. You can get in contact with our sales before your flight, and we will make a great arrangement.


5.Q: Do you have MOQ request?


A: We have no MOQ cuz it’s you to decide how many you want to order. But the price varies with the order quantity. Additional 20% charge is required when the quantity is too little. The more orders you place, the lower price you get.

3.5 inch 320X480 RGB TFT LCD display Drive IC ILI9488 lcd display for scales

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