0.5 Inch OLED Display Micro OLED For Smartwatch

Resolution: 60*32
color: white
Dot pitch: 0.188*0.188
Interface: SPI/I2C
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0.5 Inch OLED Display Micro OLED For Smartwatch Small Size OLED touch Screen with high brightness lcd monitor

1,Size:                         0.5 inch
2,Number of dots:                           60*32
3,Color:                          White
4,Substrate outside:                       15.3*10.2

5,Visible area:


6,:Active area:


7,Drive IC:








Q:Can I have a smaple order?
A:Yes.1-100pcs sample order is warmly welcome.

Q:How long is the lead time of samples?
A:1-3 working days for in stock standard products,15-20 working days for customized products.

Q:Where can I get the datasheet pf product?
A:Send the inquiry to our sales representatives and we will send it to you immediately.

Q:Do you have any MOQ limit?
A:No,we don't.

Q:How is the After-sales service?
A:(1)We have a huge team which is in charge of after-charges service. 
(2)We offer 24 hours online service to help buyers solving problems. 
(3)We offer buyers the market information updated regularly.

Q:How to understand NO MOQ?
A:(1)The quantity of the order is decided by the market.As a supplier,we have no right to request the order must be more than any quantity.We have no MOQ request,a single piece is also a good order for us.
(2)In another way,our products are always having in stock,we don't need to start the production for a small quantity,and we are capable enough of accepting the samll orders.
(3)However,if the quantity is small,the price will be higher.

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