250x64 Dots COG LCD Display With LED Backlight

Small size 250x64 dots COG LCD display with 4pcs red or green LED backlight
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Product Details

LCD Display Content:

75 (2)

LCD Display Drawing:


LCD Display Main Application:

Consumer Electronics:MP3, MP4, smart bracelet, E-cigs, electronic Alarm Clock, digital phote frame, digital still camera, digital video camera, E-book reader, game console, DVD player

Industrial Control:Digital thermometer, digital thermostat, digital moisture meter, etc

Financial Appliances:POS machine, electronic price tag, U-shield, ETC, calculating machine, etc 

LCD Display Working Principle:

A liquid crystal is an almost transparent substance, and the way light travels through it is determined by the arrangrment of the molecules that make it up, a characteristic of solids. Charging d liquid crystal changes its molecular arrangement, which in turn distorts or blocks light.





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