Zhuzhou And China Energy Electric Fuel Co., Ltd. Push 6th Generation AMOLED Project

- Jun 06, 2018-

On May 28, Zhuzhou High-tech Zone and China Energy Power Fuel Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation framework agreement to advance the AMOLED G6 (6th generation electronic flexible screen) project. Yang Wei, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the city, met with Li Health, vice chairman of China Energy Power Fuel Co., Ltd.

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AMOLED G6 display is mainly used for mobile phones, televisions, etc. It has the characteristics of being bendable, energy-saving, light and thin, and is an important direction for the development of future display screens. The project plans to invest 24 billion yuan to build an AMOLED panel factory, a module plant and an optical and electrical research institute. It is expected that the annual revenue after completion of the project will reach 33 billion yuan.

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Yang Weiguo briefly introduced the city's conditions. He said that Zhuzhou is currently accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and vigorously developing strategic emerging industries such as the electronic information industry. The development is very good and has broad prospects. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen communication and matchmaking, speed up the progress of the work, and promote the project to be launched and effective as soon as possible, and use this cooperation as a new starting point to achieve more extensive and in-depth cooperation. Zhuzhou will strive to provide quality services, create a good environment, and fully support the project construction.

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Li Health said that this visit strengthened the confidence of the company in investment and development. The company will further intensify its work and promote cooperation projects to be implemented as soon as possible. It is hoped that the two sides will use this cooperation as an opportunity to actively promote energy industry and rail transit. Cooperation. It is hoped that the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will give more care and support and help enterprises develop.

Guo Yanning, President of Aoyuan Group, AMOLED G6 Project Partner, Li Qiang, Chairman of Hongxin Venture Capital, Li Fengqiu, Chairman of Hunan Nanyue Fund, Pei Yongcheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Party Work Committee Secretary of Zhuzhou Hi-tech Zone, and Zhou Jianguang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianyuan District, witnessed signing and participated in meet.