Zhongying Electronics And Several Panel Manufacturers Launch AMOLED Chip Cooperation

- Mar 19, 2019-

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Zhongying Electronics said in the investor relations activity record table released on May 7 that the company has cooperated with or contacted many domestic panel manufacturers in addition to mass production of AMOLED chips, and the company is confident to seize the AMOLED industry in China. The chance of an outbreak.

Zhongying Electronics is mainly engaged in R&D, design and sales of integrated circuit chips of its own brands, and provides corresponding system solutions and after-sales technical support services. At present, Zhongying Electronics' research and development and sales of products mainly cover two major spindle directions: system main control single chip (main application areas are home appliances, frequency conversion and motor control, lithium battery power management, smart meter and Internet of Things and wearable applications), The driver chip of the new generation of display screens (the main application areas are display drivers for PMOLED and AMOLED).

In recent years, domestic panel manufacturers have actively invested in building factories, and it is expected that China's AMOLED industry will usher in a concentrated outbreak in the next few years. Therefore, Zhongying Electronics' AMOLED driver chip is regarded as the future of the company.

In response to this, Zhong Ying Electronic Secretary-General Pan Yide said that the company is optimistic about the development opportunities of AMOLED display driver chips in the domestic market. The company's subsidiary, Xinying Technology, expanded its R&D team in 2017 to increase R&D investment. In the loss stage, the main income comes from PMOLED (Passive Organic Electroluminescent Diode), and other income is the commissioned development fee for AMOLED.

Pan Yide said that in the first quarter of 2018, Xinying Technology sent samples to customers to verify a FHD AMOLED display driver chip. It has passed functional verification and is undergoing reliability verification. This year, new products will continue to be launched.

Pan Yide said that the technical strength of Xinying Technology in AMOLED display driver chip is gradually recognized by domestic panel manufacturers, and it has also entered the 40-nanometer high-tech area with international first-class chip companies. Xinying Technology has laid a solid technology. Foundation, confident to seize the opportunity of China's AMOLED industry outbreak.

In addition, in addition to mass production of AMOLED chips for Hehui Optoelectronics, the company has cooperated with or contacted many domestic panel manufacturers. The new products are not for a single customer, and will cooperate with panel manufacturers to improve the yield and wait for the release of domestic AMOLED screen manufacturers. . The products are mainly used in mobile phones and wearable products, and the main competitors are from overseas. The company's customers are mainly domestic panel factories, which can be close to customers. The state attaches importance to the industrial chain and will have support in policy. In the past one or two years, the domestic AMOLED industry is in its infancy and construction period. In the next few years, there will gradually be more capacity release, and the company will continue to invest in research and development.