Worried About Confidential Information Disclosure LGD Headquarters Launched Espionage Investigation

- Sep 29, 2018-

It is reported that LG Display recently investigated suspected espionage activities at its headquarters in Seoul with concerns about critical information leaks such as cutting-edge technologies including OLEDs.


It was alleged that during the investigation, security officers conducted searches on possible eavesdropping devices in conference rooms and offices after working hours. However, they did not find any evidence.


In the last few weeks, the above measures have been taken because of the suspicious disclosure of confidential information at its headquarters. South Korean media The Bell quoted LGD insiders as saying: "Because the content discussed at the recent C-level executive meeting has been leaked many times, LGD seems to be really concerned about security issues. Therefore, LGD will doubt in its conference room or office. The eavesdropping device was installed."


The Korean display industry is increasingly concerned about corporate information disclosure, especially for Chinese companies that are struggling to catch up with Korean OLED display manufacturers. Chinese display manufacturers are competing to hire LGD and its rival Samsung's former executives and employees to accelerate their OLED projects.


An industry official said: "One of LGD's biggest concerns is that executives and engineers with key display technologies and knowledge are pouring into Chinese companies like BOE."


However, LGD denied news reports about its espionage investigation.