Wistron Plans To Invest Rs 300 Crore In India

- Jan 03, 2019-

The iPhone currently has three major foundries, Foxconn, Heshuo and Wistron.


According to foreign media reports, Wistron's documents submitted to securities exchanges show that it has authorized the Indian branch to add 30 billion rupees (about 2.9 billion yuan) of investment.


Up to now, Wistron has saved 1.8 billion rupees (about 175 million yuan) for the Indian business. Undoubtedly, the new investment will greatly enhance its supporting production capacity in India.


At the moment, Wistron India mainly produces iPhone SE/6S mobile phones, while those that cannot meet local demand need to rely on imports. The Indian side has designed a luxury tax, which poses a potential cost threat to imported iPhones.


At the same time, when the Indian iPhone production capacity is high enough, it can also digest some of the external trade unfavorable factors.


Of course, Wistron's huge investment will not be fully used on the iPhone, and its migration of products such as PC, Internet of Things, medical and cloud services to the Indian market is expected to accelerate.


Previously, Foxconn was also exposed to $214 million for the expansion of the Indian iPhone factory.