Windows Seconds Display Screen Interpretation Of LCD Display Technology

- May 10, 2018-


Perhaps, in the eyes of most people, windows are windows. Use it to see the world outside. However, the current high technology may change the use of windows. Here we will introduce a new technology that can transform your home windows into LCD displays.

Researchers from South Korea's National Busan University have achieved a certain technological breakthrough in this field. They have developed an advanced intelligent light valve made of liquid crystal that can be used between transparent and opaque shapes. Conversions, and conversions are very fast.

Most transparent displays rely on OLEDs. These displays are completely transparent when turned off, but when you turn on the power to turn them on, they become opaque, and this conversion does not reduce the display. Quality.

It should be noted that this intelligent light valve does not require energy consumption in the normal resting state (ie, transparent state). At this time, light can pass through the window and serve as an ordinary window, even when it is “work” (ie, it is not In the transparent state, the required power is very small. This means that the energy required for this display is to maintain its "opaque" rather than "transparent."

In the future, the researcher will also try to improve this smart window so that it will only consume electricity when it is switched between transparent and opaque. This will greatly reduce electricity consumption, which will bring us a real "pragmatic "High-tech display.