Which Effect Is Better On The Phone 1080P And 2K Gap

- May 17, 2018-

In recent years, smart phones have grown faster and faster, but they have almost reached the bottleneck level. Smart phones are no longer as simple as phones, but they can only make calls and receive and send text messages. Today's smart phone functionality is also getting stronger and more advanced.

In general, what is a smart phone, it is like a microcosm of the function of computerization. We all know that non-intelligent machines, most of which are used to make calls and receive text messages, are not very powerful in entertainment performance and have limited functionality. The smart phone is actually the perfection of these functions, a larger touch screen, a more extensive expansion of functions and mass installation, its functions and modes more and more like a computer.

But can you know that the most expensive hardware of a smart phone is its display screen, and the display screen is one of the fastest and most advanced core hardware technologies for mobile phones. Long ago, the early monochrome screens of mobile phones developed to the present. The color screen, in fact, is not a long time. The current mobile phone screen is very expressive, in addition to high color, but also have high resolution Caixing.

monochrome LCD.jpg