What Is The FPC In The LCD Module?

- May 21, 2018-


When it comes to FPC cables, we certainly know or are familiar with FPC? According to the function, FPC can be divided into many kinds, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC capacitance screen, etc.

FPC cable is one of them, popularly speaking, FPC cable is the cable. The composition of FPC cable FPC cable because it is a kind of FPC, therefore, its composition and

The composition of the FPC is the same. FPCs are generally long strips. Both ends are designed to be pluggable and can be connected directly to the connector or soldered to the product.


The middle is generally a line, because the FPC cable requires a certain degree of flexibility, so the substrate is generally rolled copper, bending resistance, flexibility. Process for FPC Cable Surface Treatment Process for FPC Cables

It is usually heavy gold, and occasionally anti-oxidation. However, the oxidation prevention process cannot withstand high temperatures, and the environmental bearing capacity is worse than that of Shenjin. Both have similar prices. Therefore, most of them use Shen Jingong.

Art. In addition, there are tin-plating spray tin and other processes, but the FPC temperature is generally below 280 degrees Celsius, while the tin spray will have a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, and the solder paste hardness

Small, so it is rarely used. The function and purpose of the FPC The function of the FPC cable is to connect two related parts or products. Nowadays, cables are used in many products.

Because it has a certain degree of tortuosity, FPC cables have been used in many products such as printers, mobile phones, and notebooks.