What Is A Professional Level Display

- Aug 03, 2018-




When it comes to professional-grade displays, we can think of powerful performance, rich features, and high prices. In short, there is a big gap between ordinary consumers and ordinary consumers. So what is a professional level display?

    The gamut is wider. The accurate display of the color of the picture, this is the foundation of its foundation. The color performance of professional-grade products is stronger than that of ordinary displays. The important performance aspect is that it has wider color coverage and can display more colors.

    Color reproduction is accurate. Professional-grade displays also need to be able to more accurately represent the color of the image, which is also an important indicator of professional-grade displays.

    Factory color correction. When the excellent professional grade product is just put into use, the color may have a certain deviation, which is related to the fact that the ICC file in the circuit is not calibrated. The ICC is also called color drive, which is a .icm document in the form of a table. The significance of existence is to ensure that the color display standards between devices are consistent, that is, the resulting display effect is achieved. How to ensure that ICC files are accurately calibrated, it is difficult for ordinary users to manually calibrate them. Now some enterprises have manually calibrated some professional-grade display products before they leave the factory, which greatly enhances the display. The color is reliable and saves users valuable time.

    For professional-level displays, different groups of people will have different demands, but wide color gamut coverage, accurate color reproduction, and factory color correction are factors that users can choose to ignore professional monitors. What is the deviation. Of course, professional monitors also have different grades, and the price gap is very large. Therefore, if you decide to buy a professional monitor, you must first analyze what you want.