What Is A Polarizer

- Jun 30, 2018-


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The full name of the polarizer should be a polarizer. If you have studied physics, you should know what polarized light is. The imaging of the liquid crystal display must rely on polarized light. All the liquid crystals have two polarizers close to the liquid crystal glass to form a total thickness. A liquid crystal film of about 1 mm. If any polarizer is missing, the LCD cannot display images. The reason why the polarizer is replaced with a polarizer is that the polarizer of the ordinary liquid crystal display facing the eye is frosted to dissipate the surface reflection and scatter the light to increase the viewing angle of the liquid crystal display. For the projector, any scattering will cause the loss of light. The ideal state of the liquid crystal for the projector should be a 0 degree angle of view, that is, if the LCD is deviated from the vertical direction, there will be no light.

Of course, this is impossible to achieve, but the closer the angle of view to 0 degrees, the higher the utilization of light, so after replacing the matte polarizer with a flat polarizer, the brightness of the projector to the wall will be greatly improved. My personal estimate is probably about 50-80% higher, which is why I changed the polarizer. Polarized lenses Standard polarized lenses are globally recognized as the best lenses for driving. When the light is reflected from the surface of the object, it is partially polarized to produce glare. The negative side of glare - enhance brightness, reduce color saturation, so that the outline of the object becomes blurred, so that glasses fatigue, discomfort. The polarizers are made according to the principle of polarization of light and have the special function of eliminating glare so that the driver can improve the vision and increase driving pleasure.