What Are The Precautions For LCD Screens?

- Oct 18, 2018-

chip on board

  1. LCD liquid crystal display and LCD viewfinder are manufactured by ultra-high precision technology, with effective pixels of 99.99% or more. However, there may be some small black spots and/or bright spots (white, red, blue or green) appearing on the LCD screen and LCD viewfinder. This is a normal phenomenon in the manufacturing process and does not affect the image taken at all.


2. Exposing the LCD screen, viewfinder or lens to direct sunlight for a long time may cause malfunction. Be careful when placing the camera near a window or outdoors.


3. Do not press the LCD screen. The screen may change color and cause malfunction.


4. In cold places, the image on the LCD screen may have a tailing phenomenon, which is not a malfunction.


5, please be careful not to hit the lens, and be careful not to apply external force to it.