What Are The Advantages Of LCD LCD Screen

- Jun 13, 2018-

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What are the advantages of LCD LCD screen? Do you know about LCD screens? If not, you may have missed it. In fact, the advantages of LCD screens are very useful to us in purchasing LCD screens. We will have a reference when we purchase them. Now LCD screen manufacturers will explain the advantages of LCD screens.

LCD screen

Zero radiation, low energy consumption, low heat dissipation

The display principle of the LCD liquid crystal screen is to realize the reduction of the screen by twisting the liquid crystal molecular deflection angle in the liquid crystal pixels to realize the reduction of the screen. It does not have an ultra-high voltage component inside the CRT, and the x-ray emission exceeding the high voltage does not occur. Moreover, the circuit structure of the machine is simple, and the modularization and high integration of the chip are sufficient to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated when the circuit works. This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, and the amount of heat generated is also very small. Although the LCD screen may produce slight electromagnetic radiation during work, it is easy to solve through the shielded circuit. On the other hand, the CRT display must not be drilled on the shield to cause leakage due to heat dissipation.

Thin and light

It was the emergence of LCD screens that made the invention of a laptop possible. Similarly, a desk type LCD screen is larger in size and weight than a laptop, but it is less clunky than a stupid and heavy CRT monitor. Compared with a 15-inch display, the depth of a CRT monitor is generally close to 50 cm, while the depth of the newly introduced LCD screen NF-1500MA is less than 5 cm! With the change of consumer perspectives and living environment, people are increasingly demanding the volume and weight of home appliances. LCD LCD screens are the display devices most likely to break the monopoly position of CRT displays due to their slim and lightweight natural advantages.

The advantages of LCD LCD There are many you have time to find out.