We Need To Consider What To Buy LCD Screen

- Jun 12, 2018-


When choosing a segment LCD LCD screen, you must consider the following three basic elements:

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1. Contrast: The higher the contrast of the LCD screen, the corresponding color will be more vivid and saturated, and it will also show a three-dimensional effect.

On the contrary, if the contrast of the LCD is lower, the color will be monotonous and the image will be correspondingly normal.

The difference in the ratio is also very large, with a low of 100:1, a high of 600:1, or even higher.

Segment LCD screen

2. Brightness: The higher the brightness value of the LCD screen, the brighter the displayed screen will be, without any ambiguity.

The basic unit of brightness is cd/m2, which is a candle per square meter. Low-level LCD brightness values can be as low as 150 cd/m2, while high-end displays can also be as high as 250 cd/m2.

3. Visual range: In simple terms, the visual range refers to the range that can be seen in front of the screen.

If the visual range is bigger, we can naturally look more relaxed; if the visual range is smaller, the visuals we see may be unclear as long as we move the viewing position slightly while watching.

The visual range of the algorithm is from the middle of the screen to the top, bottom, left, and right directions of the screen in a clear angular range. The larger the value of this range of angles, the wider the range of nature, but the range of these four directions is not necessarily symmetrical.

Therefore, we must choose high brightness, high contrast and wide viewing range when selecting a segment LCD.