Vivo NEX Appearance Exposure: Shock Full Screen Discard Liu Hai

- Jun 07, 2018-

There are 5 days, vivo's flagship new product vivo NEX will be officially released. Just this morning, the vivo official officially revealed the real design of vivo NEX in the form of posters. From the publicity posters, the era of true and full screen, which had been eagerly anticipated, has finally arrived.

 LCD display 1.png

The zero boundary full screen makes the front screen of vivo NEX occupy a very high proportion, and the front design also does not use the current "mainstream" Liu Haiping design, a whole rectangular screen does not have any extra components to interfere with the visual , making positive visual shock powerful. The position of the bottom border is slightly wider than the other three sides, which is also limited by the current screen packaging process, so there is no way to achieve the ultimate.

 LCD display 2.jpg

In addition, vivo NEX will still carry the Jovi artificial intelligence system and lift hidden front camera, and there will be new breakthroughs in the rear camera. Vivo NEX is a product that is the closest to the ideal full-screen design in the past two years. It is still very much looking forward to. On June 12th, we also let us witness the future of mobile phone industry development.