Visionox And OLED Display Sign OLED Cooperation Agreement

- Jun 12, 2018-

Today, Universal Display Corporation (UDC) announced that it has signed a new OLED technology licensing agreement and material procurement supplementation agreement with Visionox. According to the agreement, UDC will provide Physician phosphorescent OLED materials for its products.

 OLED 1.jpg

"Visino has always been committed to building a new ecosystem of display industry and maximizing the synergistic value of upstream and downstream industries. The cooperation agreement between Visionox and UDC will further promote the commercialization of AMOLED and greatly expand the collaborative innovation in China's industries. I believe, Through our efforts, we can more effectively promote the transformation of display technology achievements and accelerate the arrival of the 'ubiquitous screen' era, said Zhang Deqiang, President of Visano.

“We are pleased to have reached a long-term OLED cooperation agreement with Visionox, which is a leading new display manufacturing company in China, and has been exploring and investing in OLED research and development for more than two decades.” UDC President and CEO Steven V. Abramson said, “The bright future of OLED is only just beginning. The 6th generation of full-soft AMOLED production line that Wessonox recently invested and built in Hebei Province is helping OLED to pave the way for commercialization. The direction and innovation of UDC is centered on promoting our customers. As we have grown up, we are very pleased to further strengthen our cooperation with Visionox, and we look forward to continuing to support them with our high-performance, high-performance proprietary OLED technology and Universal PHOLED materials.”

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