Ultrasonic Fingerprint Spread On The Big Thing, Samsung Launched Emergency Patch

- Apr 15, 2019-

After the launch of the Samsung S10 series, this 10th anniversary version of the Super Galaxy battleship, with its excellent screen quality, returned to the world's top camera quality, quickly harvested a batch of true love powder after the release of the new machine, also let Samsung's Market share has picked up. As the first Samsung S10/S10+ with ultrasonic screen fingerprint technology, it is now a big event.


The ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology used on the Samsung S10 and S10+ has a higher advantage in fingerprint recognition than the optical screen due to different technical principles. However, due to the animation transition, some users may find it not efficient. However, at present, the ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition has also been a big event, and the technology is easily cracked.


In foreign countries, some users have successfully used the 3D printing fingerprint to successfully crack the Samsung S10/S10+ ultrasonic screen fingerprint.


The specific production process is very simple: first print the fingerprint on the glass, the phone takes a clear detail picture, then use Photoshop plus the mask, then import the 3ds desk, and finally use the photonic resin printer to make the 3D fingerprint film, the whole process takes 13 minute.


The entire production process is simple, and the operation is very recommended, and the user is also questioned about the technology. To this end, Samsung launched emergency repair firmware abroad, for this problem, and also for the S10/S10+ screen fingerprint unlocking efficiency, further optimization. After the firmware is updated, the phone does not have to re-enter the fingerprint.


I believe domestic users will receive corresponding firmware patches in the near future. I don't know if the 3D printing fingerprint can successfully unlock the Samsung S10/S10+ after the firmware update?