TV Panel Supply And Demand Balance In September

- Sep 27, 2018-

According to Qunzhi Consulting's survey, the production capacity of new production lines in the panel accelerated in September, the demand for stocks of TV brands gradually weakened, and the supply and demand became more balanced. The price of most TV panels continued to rise and stabilize, and the price of some size panels fell slightly in October. .


In October, the demand for global TV panel stocking further weakened, but China's domestic sales of double 11 stocks remained strong. It is expected that TV panel prices will be stable overall and some sizes will fall slightly.


Among them, the price of 32-inch TV panel stopped rising and stabilized in September. It is expected that the average price per piece will drop by US$1 in October; the demand will be strong from 39.5to 43, and the supply will be tight in September. The price rose by 1 US dollar. It is expected that the price will stabilize and stabilize in October. The demand and supply will increase from 49 to 50%. The supply and demand will be relatively balanced. The prices in September and October are expected to remain stable. The price of the 55-inch TV panel remained stable in September. Prices also held steady in October.