TV Panel Prices Fell More Than Expected In The Second Quarter 2019, Facing More Serious Challenges

- Jul 25, 2018-

In the first half of this year, the new capacity of the BOE Hefei 10.5-generation plant and the CLP Chengdu 8.6+ foundry were successively opened. Due to the increase in production capacity and the off-season, TV panel prices accelerated in the second quarter.


Not only did the 65-inch TV panel price dip, the 32-inch TV panel price collapsed more than $10 in April and May, and the 40/43-inch TV panel price also dropped the cost of cash. In this regard, panel manufacturers have taken measures to stop the blood and adjust the product portfolio.


Taiwan and South Korea panel manufacturers adjusted product structure for the 6th generation factory. BOC and BOX Optoelectronics, the mainland panel makers, decided to reduce output due to the 32-inch TV panel price dip, and transferred the production capacity of the 8.5-generation plant to 43, 55. TV panel.


After the TV panel price experienced a sharp shock in the second quarter, panel makers reduced the output strategically through product mix and old repair. In addition, the peak season came, the demand of brand customers increased, and the TV panel whose price has fallen for more than one year has stopped falling. The signal, and began to rebound in July.


The demand for TV panel in the third quarter has increased significantly. The industry expects that the price of TV panels such as 32, 40 and 43 in the third quarter will continue to rise. Not only will prices rise in July, but the price in August is expected to expand again. The price of 50-inch TV panels will remain unchanged. Steady trend, as for the 55-inch TV panel, Samsung Electronics recently requested that the panel factory do not increase the price. It is estimated that the supply and demand of the 55-inch panel will be balanced in the third quarter, and the price will stop falling in July. The price in August and September is expected to rise slightly.


In the 65-inch large-size TV panel, BOE's 10.5-generation plant capacity has gradually increased, and the number of films in the third quarter continued to increase, actively occupying the 65-inch TV panel market. However, Taiwan and South Korea panel makers will not easily give up. Jiangshan, under the sawing of both sides, the price of 65-inch TV panels is not easy to rise, but due to the overall market demand in the third quarter, the price of 65-inch TV panels will stop falling.


Panel makers have become more active in the third quarter of panel purchases, mainly for the preparation of the fourth season of the traditional sales season, this wave of TV panel prices showed a phased bottoming rebound, allowing the panel factory with great loss pressure to breathe a little space.


However, with the increase in the purchase volume of the panel, the inventory level will be piled up again, and the US-China trade war has not yet rested. The TV brand industry is still worried about the uncertain market demand in the second half of the year. Can the terminal TV promotion in the fourth quarter be Effective de-stocking has a great impact on panel price trends.


The industry expects that the panel industry will continue to increase as the fourth quarter peak season is approaching, and the panel production capacity will continue to increase. In 2019, there will still be new capacity, and the panel industry will face more stringent challenges in 2019.