The Wrong Direction: Panasonic TV Almost Disappeared In The Chinese Market

- May 31, 2018-

Like domestic mobile phones, Chinese manufacturers are also rapidly advancing and developing in the television industry. Especially in the domestic market, many foreign brands have been forced to either leave or give up their business to domestic manufacturers.

Now Panasonic TV has basically disappeared in the domestic market, and its market share is less than 0.2%. After repeated adjustments, Panasonic has already accelerated the transition to B2B fields such as vehicles, houses, and components, and established AVC, environment, The residential and automotive divisions have a small proportion of their 2C home appliance business.

The decline of Panasonic TV was mainly related to their gambling in the wrong direction. The beating of plasma TVs was a major injury. From the latest test data, Panasonic TV in China in April retail sales of only 1741 Taiwan, the market share of only 0.2%; retail sales of 9.15 million yuan, accounting for only 0.24% share. Retail volume ranks second to last among 20 statistical brands.

Matsushita has almost no sense of presence in the white goods area of the domestic market.