The World's First 7-generation Touch Screen Intelligent Production Line Was Put Into Operation In Guiyang

- Nov 01, 2018-

Recently, the world's first 7-generation touch screen, Guizhou Davos Photoelectric Co., Ltd. large-size touch screen intelligent production line was completed and put into operation in Guiyang National High-tech Zone. The production line uses intelligent equipment and technology such as AGV robot automatic loading and unloading, JIT real-time production management system, MDC equipment management system, production big data management visualization platform, and realizes efficient and intelligent management.


According to reports, Guizhou Davos Photoelectric Co., Ltd. settled in Guiyang National High-tech Zone in June 2012. It mainly develops, produces and sells (1-88 inch) capacitive touch screen, AMOLED display, touch display integrated module, precision glass parts. Active capacitive touch pens and other products. Products are widely used in smart watches, smart phones, notebook computers, vehicle control, security medical, financial and educational whiteboards and other fields. Well-known companies such as Voice, TCL, LG, HP, 3M, Haier are its main customers, and 30% of the products are exported to South Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan, India, France and other countries.


In order to respond positively to the strategic deployment of “Thousand Enterprise Reform” and “Deep Integration of Big Data and Real Economy” in Guizhou Province, the company gradually moved the main production bases of medium and large-size touch screens and most mobile phone production capacity from Shenzhen to Guiyang National High-tech Zone. . At present, the company has an original full laser process in the industry, and is maturely applied to the processing of ITO and nano silver conductive film. This technology shortens the process flow and improves product quality in the field of medium and large size and differentiated touch screen. Has significant competitiveness.