The Shortage Of Flexible OLED Screens Will Remain For Many Years

- Dec 28, 2018-

0.96 inch OLED

According to foreign media reports, when the iPhone 8 is going to use the flexible OLED panel news exposure, the news of various panel shortages began to focus on the explosion, many industry insiders said that the shortage of OLED panel supply will cause the iPhone 8 to be postponed. Although we still don't know whether Apple can survive this difficulty, but because of the large number of manufacturers, the supply of OLED panels will definitely become a big problem. Sigmaintell's research report shows that the shortage of OLED panels may continue for many years.

From the perspective of production, Samsung is still the world's largest manufacturer of plastic OLED panels. However, in order to ensure that it will not be Samsung's neck in the future, Apple will start to participate in LG to build OLED panels, and many Chinese manufacturers are also preparing to invest 30 billion US dollars, and will start to challenge Samsung's throne next year.

However, the researchers believe that these new production lines will be gradually stabilized in five years, and Samsung will still sit on the throne during this period. If LG can mass produce OLED screens as planned, this strategic balance may also be broken.

In addition, Qunzhi Consulting said that 11% of the equipment shipped this year will use a full screen, and by 2020 this proportion will increase to 80%. At the same time, the popularity of the full screen will also promote the development of the fingerprint technology under the screen. It is expected that the technology will officially enter the mass production model next year.