The Shadow Of The Japanese OLED TV Market Is Now? Unit Price Mad, Sales Growth Is Shrinking

- Aug 31, 2018-

According to the actual sales data of Japan's IT-related research company BCN, which is based on the actual sales volume of Japanese electric stores and online stores, the latest report released by Japan shows that the price of Japanese OLED TVs has gone wild, and the sales volume/sales growth of Japanese OLED TVs has also shrunk. The situation, the start-up Japanese OLED TV market seems to have been a shadow.


According to the report, the average unit price of Japanese OLED TVs in July 2018 was 310,000 380 yen, a 23% decrease from the 408 yen in the same period last year. In the case of a sharp drop in unit prices, Japanese OLED TV sales Although the volume/sales increased, the increase was sharp. In July 2018, the sales volume of OLED TVs in Japan increased by 87.1% compared with the same month of last year, and the sales volume also increased by 40.2%. However, compared with the surge of 263.5% and 160% in June 2018, the increase was respectively Shrinking 170 percentage points, 120 percentage points.


According to the data, from January to June 2018, Sony's sales volume in the OLED TV market in Japan was 39.9%, followed by Panasonic's 35.3%, LG's 22.0% and Toshiba. ) 2.8%.


In addition, the Japanese retail research company GfK Japan announced on August 13 that the sales of OLED TVs in Japan from January to June 2018 were about seven times more than the same period last year, accounting for only 2% of Japan’s sales of thin TVs. However, in terms of sales, the proportion is 11%.