The RED Hydrogen One Holographic Screen Phone Is Finally Going To Be Sold

- Oct 30, 2018-

RED Hydrogen One is a very maverick smartphone. According to the official, this is the industry's first mobile phone with a holographic screen.


Due to the failure to sell on time, the aircraft has also been questioned by many people. According to Neowin's news, AT&T officially announced that it will be available for sale from November 2nd.

 lcd display

The previously exposed mobile phone configuration information shows that the core component of the Hydrogen One is the camera, which is dual-camera before and after. Unlike most multi-camera smartphones, the Hydrogen One can capture H4V holograms and images, and can be displayed with a QHD (1440x2560) resolution H4V-enabled 5.7-inch LCD panel.


It is reported that this phone is equipped with Snapdragon 835 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space, mobile phone battery capacity reached 4500 mAh. The rear of the phone is 12 million pixels dual-camera, and the front is 8 megapixels. Both support 4K video capture.


In terms of selling price, the contract price of this mobile phone starts from 43.17 US dollars per month (about 300 yuan) (30 months).