The New IPad Pro Fuselage Bending Makes Apple's Former Executives Unhappy: Resolutely Return

- Dec 29, 2018-

The aluminum body of the new iPad Pro is easy to bend, and now it seems to be no longer a case, because the number of people in the move is increasing, Apple said it is normal.


Now foreign media reports that Apple's former senior marketing director Michael Gattenberg posted on the social network that his new generation of iPad Pro also has a fuselage bending problem, which makes him distressed, because obviously this is the design problem.


Because he couldn't accept Apple's explanation, he chose to return the goods, which caused a hot discussion among netizens. In Michael Gattenberg's view, design flaws are said to be no problem, which is clearly unacceptable.


Before the iPhone 6 series also appeared curved doors, but Apple is also indifferent, so now the explanation is no problem, it seems to be expected.


Dan Riccio, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering, once stressed that the new iPad Pro has a flatness standard of 400 microns (4 sheets of paper), which is higher than previous generations of iPad Pro, so don't worry if you bend it, normal use can.


It took so much money to buy such a product, and it is normal for users to be dissatisfied.