The industrial distribution of OLED

- Feb 09, 2018-

The development of OLED display technology and industry countries and regions are mainly concentrated in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the mainland China. 2010 Samsung Electronics in the OLED industry investment has exceeded the LCD, and achieved the AMOLED product volume production and sales.

In addition to Samsung, South Korea LG, Taiwan Friends Tatsu and Chi Mei and other traditional display enterprises are actively preparing 4.5 generation or higher generation AMOLED production lines. The Korean government in 2010 launched the "Display industry trends and Response plan" in 2013 to become the world's first to achieve AMOLED display panel volume production of the country, 2015 basic into the new display era; Japan began to implement in 2008. The new generation of large OLED display basic technology development project, the newly energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization for the project to provide 5 years of continuous 3.5 billion yen support.