The application field of OLED

- Feb 09, 2018-

The application of OLED in the field of head-wearing display

With video glasses and portable cinema as an important carrier of the head-wearing display has been more and more widely used and developed. It has excellent advantages in digital video, virtual reality, virtual reality game, 3G and video glasses Fusion, ultra portable multimedia equipment and video glasses fusion.

Compared with LCD and LCoS, OLED in the use of head-wearing display has a very big advantage: clear and bright full-color display, ultra-low power consumption, is the head of the development of a big driver.

The first to apply OLED to video glasses is the American emagin. Both for the civil consumption field, industrial applications and even military applications provide a very good approach to the near-eye application. In the following, video glasses using Europe's ultra micro OLED display screen were pushed onto the market. At home, Itheater (love for the Generation) with strong research and development capabilities to lead the world's first polymer Super Micro OLED display video glasses; With its full intellectual property background smoothly into the domestic military field, for the construction of Chinese digital soldiers a force.

Second, the application of OLED in the field of MP3

MP3 as a digital Walkman has increasingly become the protagonist of fashion entertainment in the market, for its function, capacity, price and so on have been a wide range of attention, but also the focus of attention of the manufacturers, but for the eyes of the MP3 as the screen but very few people involved.

In addition to audio-visual products, whether flash or HDD-type MP3, mostly monochrome LCD panel, just stay in the ability to listen to the simple requirements of music. But today's MP3 in addition to this most basic function, more based on people's personality, fashion pursuit of psychology, expressed is a concept of life. So in the panel design, there are colorful backlight design, is often heard "7-color backlight" products. On the basis of further development, has been useful to the regional color OLED panels (such as: yellow, blue two-color regions, such as the 16-color level) products, representative of the BenQ Joybee180, iriver N10.