The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lcd1602 And Lcd12864

- Apr 10, 2018-


Liquid crystal is a special matter state which is different from solid state and gaseous state in a certain temperature range. It has both anisotropic birefringence unique to crystals and liquidity liquid crystal display devices (English Abbreviated as LCD) is a passive type display device that modulates external light by changing the arrangement state of liquid crystal molecules in a liquid crystal state substance in an electric field.


LCD12864 is a graphic lattice liquid crystal display, which is mainly composed of a row driver/column driver and a 128 & TImes; 64 full dot matrix liquid crystal display. Can complete the graphics display, you can also display 8 & TImes; 4 (16 & TImes; 16 dot matrix) Chinese characters or display 16 & TImes; 4 (8 × 16 dot matrix) ASCII code. Divided into two types, with fonts and without fonts. The LCD without character library needs to provide character fonts for itself. At this time, various font display styles can be set according to personal preferences, and the design is more flexible. The LCD with font library provides character fonts, but it can only display GB2312. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it can be flexibly selected according to different application scenarios. The LCD module schematic is shown below.

The advantages and disadvantages of lcd1602 and lcd12864

LCD12864 dot matrix graphic LCD module block diagram


The LCD1602 is an industrial character LCD that can display 16x02 or 32 characters simultaneously. LCD1602 liquid crystal display principle LCD1602 liquid crystal display principle is to use the physical properties of liquid crystal, through the voltage control of its display area, there is electricity to display, so that you can display the graphics.

Lcd1602 liquid crystal display module can only use D4-D7 as four data transmission in two. In this way, the I/O port resources of the MCU can be saved. Lcd1602 can display 2 lines of 16 characters, 8 data bus D0-D7, and RS, R/W, EN three control ports, working voltage is 5V, and with character contrast adjustment and backlight.

Lcd1602 LCD module can directly interface with the microcontroller AT89C51, the circuit is simple, as shown in Figure 1:

The advantages and disadvantages of lcd1602 and lcd12864

Lcd1602 and 51 microcontroller connection

The difference between LCD1602 and LCD12864:

1, the resolution is different, LCD1602 is every word 5*8 dot matrix, the character area is 16*2; LCD12864 is 128*64 resolution dot matrix.

2, the driver chip is also different, so the control word, timing slightly different

LCD1602 liquid crystal display advantages and disadvantages:


1, is a character LCD, display letters and numbers more convenient

2, simple control

3, low cost


1, the size of the font displayed

2, can not display graphics, etc.

3, it can not show the curve

Lcd12864 liquid crystal display advantages and disadvantages:


1, low power consumption

2, petite volume does not occupy area

3, light weight, thin and so on


1, LCD12864 liquid crystal display information volume, quite a lot of procedures and circuits are more complex

2, the higher price