Technology Call: What Is The Difference Between OLED Screen And IPhone XR LCD?

- Apr 22, 2019-

What is the highest quality display device in the market today? Users who always pay attention to the technology circle should have heard about it. When it comes to the smart phone field, the earliest display technology should be TFT material, and then slowly develop into LCD material. I don’t know when Samsung manufacturers will lead the new trend. OLED has become the dazzling configuration of the flagship machine.

From the technical point of view, OLED is undoubtedly the world's first display using full-screen technology, whether it is a small-screen smart phone or a large-screen TV, if it is the core indicators such as color performance, contrast, response speed, and viewing angle. The OLED display has almost no rivals.

Since Apple introduced the new iPhone this year, the iPhone XR is probably the most interesting. Compared with the more expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR is very similar. In the full screen era, the iPhone XR is the only one that uses LCD material. Full screen mobile phone, and the chin is very narrow, why is this?

1, the most advanced LCD full screen

Speaking of the iPhone XR with a 6.1-inch LCD display, the design is the same as the iPhone XS series, the top has a bangs groove, and cancel the HOME button, it should be noted that the iPhone XR screen border is wider than the iPhone XS series Some, but it is much narrower than domestic mobile phones that use OLED displays.

According to Apple's official, this is Apple's first iPhone with a full-screen LCD, and the largest LCD display iPhone ever, and this screen is the world's most advanced LCD smartphone screen, it is also named " The new Liquid Retina Display."

The iPhone XR's LCD full screen uses advanced pixel masking and sub-pixel anti-aliasing technology. Of course, its innovative backlight design extends the LCD display to the corner of the machine, so it looks like the entire screen It is covered with vivid colors.

Comments: Because of this excellent LCD screen, iPhone XR can use seven layers of dyeing process to precisely control the color tone and opacity of the glass appearance, and add reflective optical layer to enhance the color, and also provide the most accurate color display in the industry. The overall design of the machine is elegant and exquisite, sturdy and durable.

2, the LCD is comprehensive and does not burn the screen

When using a smartphone, its useful life is very important, which is also a topic of great concern to users. If the OLED display is used frequently, the burn-in phenomenon may occur easily, and the LCD display does not have a burn-in phenomenon, and the LCD has an advantage in the service life.

Whether the experience is good or not, it depends on how long the standby time of the smart phone is. OLED emphasizes self-illumination, so it saves power, especially under the interest screen. However, the OLED luminous efficiency is too frustrating, and it consumes more power under blue light. If the resolution is lower, the LCD will consume more power than the OLED.

Most of us know that LCD screens are definitely cheaper now. If some of today's flagship phones use OLED displays, the price will definitely be higher than LCD screens. In addition, you may also pay attention to the screens of mobile phones. By the time, the OLED screen's mobile phone screen change will be much more expensive than the LCD screen mobile phone.

Comments: It is reasonable to say that the OLED display is still perfect, but it is not without drawbacks. This technology currently has the most problems such as burn-in, color shift, etc. Although the LCD display is not very mature, it will be in the future. No one will go beyond OLED.

3, Apple foreign aid new LCD material

This year, Apple introduced three new models, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The most noteworthy thing is the cheap version of the iPhone XR, because this phone uses the most advanced LCD display in addition to the dual card dual standby function. Screen, although the resolution is a bit low, but its chin is narrower than domestic phones.

That's because Apple has invited a foreign aid in the design of this iPhone XR, that is, Japan's Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd., which specializes in providing LCD screens. In fact, in recent years, their development LCD packaging technology has also reached the top level.

This is to say that this iPhone XR launched by Apple this year, they provide the LTPS-LCD display for this phone, the display has an exclusive 0.3 TLED chip, and to achieve 4.0-4. The 5mm frame is officially made this way that Apple has made such an excellent product.

Comments: Compared to the iPhone XS series using OLED screen, there is still a big difference, but it can be seen from the frame. It can be said that OLED is the first choice for many mobile phone screen materials. As for why domestic mobile phones can't be so narrow The chin is still a problem of limited cost. This also requires technology, so many mobile phone manufacturers have a long way to go.