TCL/Huaxing Optoelectronics Demonstrates Its Ability To Produce AMOLED And LCD Perforated Screens

- Apr 24, 2019-

TCL's display panel division demonstrated its ability to produce AMOLED screens and their screens containing perforated front cameras at MWC 2019. Huaxing Optoelectronics CSOT is the display department of TCL. It is not only responsible for TCL's own products, but also responsible for TCL sub-brands such as Alcatel and Blackberry.

The newly displayed AMOLED screen is 6.2" 2960x1440 (531ppi) with a peak brightness of 430nits. CSOT seems to be using some kind of self-designed DDIC (but it may also come from Synaptics, the message is unconfirmed), which is a key component in the AMOLED screen. Because it represents the main obstacle to breakthrough OLED display technology. Synaptics recently provided OLED DDIC to make panel makers such as BOE a viable option for smartphone manufacturers.

In addition to the news of the new OLED panel, CSOT also demonstrated a new LCD screen model with a front camera punch design. Of course, there are currently no products that can be purchased directly. At MWC, the company just wants to demonstrate its ability to use the technology.