Take The BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics Big Single, And Strive To Attack Micro LED Equipment

- Jul 31, 2018-

Ye Shengfa, chairman of Junhao, said that Junhao's Micro LED equipment has entered the experimental line stage. The equipment projects include LED grain selection, mid-stage cleaning, massive transfer and measurement, etc., optimistic about the operation of the market.


Junhao has won the large order of BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics' 10.5-generation equipment, driving the operation to go up and chasing it, and entering the field of Micro LED equipment in the growing high-tech territory.


Ye Shengfa said that the ratio and quantity of smart (energy) equipment will grow in the next three years, and the automation equipment will be adopted in the 10.5 generation generation of LCD production line. At the same time, the automation system will be introduced and the intelligent machine equipment will be promoted. The proportion will increase from about 30% to 40%.


The equipment shipments of Junhao accounted for 50% of LCDs, and 30% of smart machines and equipment, and the rest were IC/semiconductors. Looking forward to the future, Ye Shengfa pointed out that smart devices will grow rapidly in the next three years. As the development of IoT (Internet of Things) matures, each device system begins to become intelligent. The so-called intelligentization means that sensors are produced in production equipment. After returning to the system, and then doing automatic adjustment, there is a unidirectional linear automatic production mode in which “go” and “back” are used in the past.


Built on the mainland of the four panels of the 10th generation line, Junhao has mastered the equipment orders, but also includes the six generations of line OLED factory. The amount of on-hand orders that LCD has ordered has not been paid remains at about 3 billion yuan (NT).


Ye Shengfa pointed out that all industrial materials, equipment and processes are interlocking “iron triangles”. Junhao is located in the ring of equipment. It is expected that the future will become a behind-the-scenes push for new industries, in addition to IC semiconductors and LCDs. Development in areas such as smart factories and smart medical care.