Taiwan's Small And Medium Size LCD Panel Shipments Will Shrink By 2% In The Third Quarter Of 2018

- Aug 02, 2018-




It is reported that due to the growth of AUO and Innolux's smart phone panel shipments, the mainstream panel size continues to expand, resulting in smaller growth in shipments of Taiwanese manufacturers' small and medium-sized LCD panels in the second quarter of 2018. It is 313 million pieces.

Although the third quarter is the industry's traditional peak season, due to the further increase in profile smartphone panel shipments, the contour cutting process will include a-Si panels in addition to the LTPS panel, and small and medium-sized panels in the third quarter of 2018. Shipments are expected to decline by 2% from the previous month. Due to seasonal factors, overall shipments will decline further in the fourth quarter.

Small and medium-sized panel shipments in almost all major applications grew in the second quarter, while entry-level mid-size panels grew at the highest rate due to strong demand from the smart speaker industry. In addition, shipments of industrial and automotive application panels will increase significantly during the quarter.

However, panel shipments in the handheld sector are expected to decline by 4.1% in the third quarter. As the panel for mobile phones accounts for 78% of the total shipments of small and medium-sized panels, the decline in handset panels will lead to a decline in overall panel shipments in the third quarter.

In the off-peak season in the fourth quarter, shipments of small and medium-sized panels for mobile phones are expected to decline by 1.6%.