Taiwan's LCD TV Market Is Generally Better In The Fourth Quarter

- Nov 02, 2018-

According to relevant data, in the third quarter of 2018, Taiwanese manufacturers' LCD TV shipments achieved a 11.4% quarter-on-quarter growth, and it is expected to achieve a 14.7% increase in the fourth quarter.


Driven by the increase in shipments of Vizio and Amazon (Fire TV), the North American market has once again become the largest export market for TV shipments in Taiwan.


In terms of TV size, shipments of 50-inch TVs will account for 40% of Taiwan's total TV shipments in the fourth quarter, while large-size 4K Ultra HD models will account for about 50% of total shipments.


In 2018, Japanese brands will become the largest customers in the Taiwanese TV market. However, since the third quarter, as seasonal demand has increased, Taiwanese manufacturers have increased shipments to the United States and Europe, so the proportion of shipments to Japan has begun to decline. From October to December, shipments from mainland China will account for 10% of total shipments.


In terms of supplier rankings, TPV Technolog and Foxconn Electronics remained in the top two in the third quarter, but the combined shipments of the two manufacturers accounted for the proportion of total Taiwanese TV shipments in the third quarter. Below 70%, it is expected to continue to decline in the fourth quarter.


As for other manufacturers, due to the increase in orders from Xiaomi and Vizio, Ruixuan Technology's fourth-quarter shipments will also increase; and due to orders from Toshiba for its Fire TV, Compal Electronics' shipments have also increased; Optoelectronics shipments will continue to soar in the fourth quarter.