Taiwan Monitor Manufacturers Plus New Car Display Panel Industry

- Oct 24, 2018-

It is reported that in order to cope with the long-term development prospects of electric vehicles and self-driving cars and the needs of customers, Taiwanese tablet manufacturers have begun to develop applications integrating discrete instrument panels, central information displays (CIDs) and even front seat entertainment devices. .


Tablet manufacturers have not only expanded their development to include related panels for rearview mirrors and heads-up display (HUD) applications, but also introduced new manufacturing technologies such as semi-reflective and semi-transparent technologies for the production of rearview mirrors. At the same time, VR applications have been added for HUD devices.


According to related news, Taiwan's three major tablet manufacturers have launched integrated solutions for dashboards and CID devices, as well as solutions that use curved display products.


Due to the ever-increasing size of the instrument panel and CID, the rearview mirror and HUD field have become the most promising applications for small to medium size panels up to 9 inches. Considering the specular reflection and anti-glare properties of rearview mirrors, more and more panels are beginning to replace the traditional polarizers with dual TFT LCD or metal wire grid polarizers.