Taiji Industry And Hefei Rainbow Signed Liquid Crystal Substrate Glass Project

- Nov 23, 2018-

On November 15, Wuxi Taiji Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Company" or "Taiji Industry") disclosed that the subsidiary Information Industry Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. ("Eleven Technology") won the bid for Rainbow ( Hefei) Liquid Crystal Glass Co., Ltd. (project owner, hereinafter referred to as "Hefei Rainbow") issued a new station in the high-tech zone Rainbow (Hefei) LCD Glass Co., Ltd. G8.5 LCD substrate glass construction project ("this project") matters.


On November 22, Taiji Industrial announced that recently, the company received a notice from the company's eleven technology, eleven technology and owner Hefei Rainbow completed the "New Station High-tech Zone Rainbow (Hefei) LCD Glass Co., Ltd. G8 .5 The official signing of the "EPC General Contracting Engineering Contract for Liquid Crystal Construction Glass Construction Engineering".


The project price is 528.899 million yuan. The project content is to build two hot-end production lines of G8.5 liquid crystal substrate and cold end production line. The main construction contents include new cold-end production plant, hot-end production plant, supporting innovation center and power. Stations, broken glass and batching plants, hazardous waste storage, water storage tanks, warehouses, pipe corridors and a series of power-assisted supporting plants and structures.


Taiji Industry said that the two parties have completed the signing of the contract and the contract has taken effect, which will have a positive impact on the company's future operating results; the performance of the contract will not affect the company's business independence, the company will not form a major dependence on the contracting party; the signing of the contract It reflects the leading position of EPC of the subsidiary 11 Technology in the domestic high-generation LCD glass substrate industry. The implementation of the contract is conducive to the development of the new business of the 11th technology.