Suspected Of Stealing Samsung OLED Technology To Resell China For Nearly 100 Million Yuan South Korean Prosecution Sued 11 Employees

- Nov 29, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, the South Korean prosecutor sued 11 employees of a Samsung subsidiary.


The lawsuit was initiated by the South Korean Suwon Prosecutor's Office. The suspected 11 staff members have worked for a company that is said to produce automated equipment to produce mobile phone screens. The company leaked Samsung Display's OLED edge panel 3D placement technology.


The person involved in the case set up an independent shell company to obtain information on the equipment and panel drawings from the cooperation with Samsung. They then resold these technology secrets in China for a total of 15.5 billion won (about $13.8 million).


Currently, 3 out of 11 people (including the company's CEO) have been arrested for trial. Two other employees of a Chinese company were also suspected of involvement in stealing technology but were not prosecuted.


The Suwon Prosecutor’s Office said the thieves used pseudonyms, fictitious calls and personal e-mail addresses to avoid being discovered.


The South Korean prosecutor said that the technology leaked by Samsung Display has been developed over six years, with 38 engineers participating, with an investment of 150 billion won (about $134 million). This technology belongs to the national core technology protected by the Korean Industrial Technology Protection Law.