South China's First Large-size LCD Panel Production Line Put Into Operation

- Sep 18, 2018-


chip on board lcd.jpg

Recently, the first fifth-generation TFT-LCD (film field-effect transistor) panel production line in South China invested by Shenchao Optoelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was officially put into production, which marked the end of the history of no large-size LCD panel production line in South China. The flat panel display industry in Shenzhen and even the entire Pearl River Delta region will completely bid farewell to the situation of "lack of core and less soul".


    The fifth-generation TFT-LCD panel production line project was invested by Shenzhen Shenchao Technology Investment Co., Ltd., and through the recruitment of technical teams overseas to achieve technical support for the project, the total investment scale was 1.859 billion US dollars, including the array, color filters, etc. The full-process production line has a monthly processing capacity of 60,000 glass substrates (later expanded to 120,000 sheets), 72,000 color filters, and an annual production capacity of 7.95 million LCD screens. The annual output value is expected to reach US$1 billion. The annual output value of upstream and downstream supporting industries is about 4 billion US dollars.


    During the construction of the project, multiple types of work and units were used to cooperate and cross-work, and the construction, side-loading, and trial production methods achieved the goal of short-term, high-efficiency production as planned. Since the commissioning of equipment in October 2008, the yield rate of the climbing period has been close to 90%. At present, mass production has been realized, creating another “Shenzhen speed” with the shortest construction time and the fastest climbing speed of similar projects in the world.


    According to industry sources, Shenzhen and South China have the unique advantages of developing flat panel display industry, and also gathered a number of LCD products companies. At present, the Pearl River Delta region has concentrated the terminal customer groups such as Great Wall, Konka, Skyworth, TCL, ZTE, Huawei and about 80% of the LCD TV production capacity in the mainland, which has a good industrial supporting environment around Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta.


    At the same time, the Pearl River Delta is also the most concentrated demand for LCD modules in the country. To this end, many terminal manufacturers have production bases in this area. However, before this, there were no TFT-LCD panel production lines of 5 generations and above in South China, and the production of Shenchao Optoelectronics will enable the flat panel display industry in South China to be supported by core technologies.