Small-pitch LEDs Lead The Trend Of The Display

- Sep 10, 2018-

In recent years, with the construction of smart cities and safe city projects, whether in the transportation, security or military command centers, the demand for high-end customized display engineering is increasing. Small-pitch LED displays rely on their high color gamut and high brightness. The advantages of seamless splicing gradually occupy the mainstream position.


With the comprehensive intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization has increasingly become the focus of the industry. Large-screen splicing screens have become mainstream display terminals. Especially in large-scale security projects such as safe cities and smart cities, splicing wall products are indispensable. less. Compared with other display products, the small-pitch LED display has the obvious advantage of seamless splicing, flexible installation, thin screen thickness, high brightness, low energy consumption, and high cost of replacement of bulbs. Lower. Therefore, it quickly occupied the market for indoor large-screen applications represented by the traffic command and control room. Today, the expansion of the security market will also bring a broad space for the development of the small-pitch LED display industry.


According to data from the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research and Development LED Research, the overall scale of China's LED display industry reached 49.1 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 27.2% year-on-year. Among them, the growth rate of small-pitch LED display screens reached 67%, at 5.9 billion yuan. , become an important driving force for the growth of LED display.


In the future, small-pitch LED displays will continue to shift to greater density, moving toward intelligence and standardization, and the market will be further opened in the process. According to GGII, the market size of China's small-pitch LED display will reach 17.7 billion yuan by 2020, and the compound growth rate will remain at around 44% from 2018 to 2020. Therefore, small-pitch LEDs have been highly anticipated by companies and have been laid out.


Keda - "Crystal" series in many provinces and cities


As a leading brand in video and security, Kodak is widely recognized in the industry for its excellent display and control products. Its “Jingyan” series of splicing screens show exquisite and realistic results, easy to maintain, and can still be used normally in single point of failure. It has been applied in 15 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing.


Lianjian Optoelectronics - VA1.2 HD seamless large screen


Lianjian Optoelectronics has launched a small-space VA1.2 high-definition seamless large screen for the large-screen environment of the public security command center. It has the advantages of high adaptability and clear display. In addition, it can also be used for command deduction, report observation, simulation training and so on. Class decision making provides a modern means.


Lehman Optoelectronics - third generation COB small pitch display


Lehman Optoelectronics has been deeply cultivating COB small-pitch LED display products. The third-generation COB small-pitch display has the advantages of high reliability, high protection, high definition, high color gamut, etc. It is the development direction of LED display with pixel pitch below 2mm. It not only enhances Lehman's leading edge in LED packaging and display, but also promotes the upgrading of LED industry product technology.


Yuanheng Optoelectronics - H2 Series T1.27 Small Pitch Screen


Yuanheng Optoelectronics is an LED company that makes small pitches earlier in China, and its product quality is remarkable. For example, the H2 series T1.27 small-pitch screen adopts ultra-high-precision die-cast aluminum box, which can be finely adjusted from front to back, left and right directions, achieving seamless stitching and no bright lines. The picture is clear and smooth, and fidelity. It has high degree and no color cast. It is used in the scenes of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant Base Emergency Command Center, Lanzhou Airport and Hangzhou Gongshu District Command Hall.


Conclusion: With the concentrated improvement of the LED industry and the release of production capacity, small-pitch LED displays have become an important promoter of the development of the LED industry. However, the current small-pitch LED display market is changing from “incremental rules” to “stock rules”. Industry insiders expect that market segmentation will continue to intensify. Small-pitch LED companies need to keep up with technology trends and trends, and adapt to the changes and challenges brought by new technologies based on their own market positioning and goals.