Skyworth's Ten-year Layout Of OLEDs To Create The King's Spirit Wang Zhiguo Defines Three Elements Of TV Survival

- Aug 01, 2018-

Market development has forced technological innovation, and this phenomenon has gradually become the commonality of the industry. The bleak color TV market in the first half of 2018 is a consensus, but this does not prevent companies from continuing to intensify their innovation. This is a proactive strategy. Skyworth is one of the home appliance companies that just passed the year. “The Skyworth Global R&D Center invests 5,000 people each year for more than 300 million yuan for product technology innovation. This is Skyworth’s determination to start again in 30 years.”


How to start again? Skyworth has set a "1334 strategy" for itself. Executive Director and CEO of Skyworth Digital Holdings Co., Ltd. and Liu Weizhi, President of Skyworth Group, once again stressed: "To achieve the goal of achieving 100 billion yuan, realize the three strategies of intelligence, refinement and internationalization, and promote the Group. The headquarters of the headquarters, Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Base, and Zhangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Base will build three major business segments: multimedia, smart appliances, intelligent system technology and modern service industry."


China's TV industry is fiercely competitive. “The private Skyworth is the first to take products first in management.” Skyworth has repeatedly struggled with two questions: “Why do customers buy TV? Why do customers buy Skyworth TV?” Faced with two problems Wang Zhiguo, chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. summed up the three elements of TV survival: picture quality, sound quality and AI, which is also a sign of Skyworth's productism.


In terms of image quality, Skyworth has Sony's goal of image quality chip with independent intellectual property rights - Chameleon AI independent image quality chip. Based on the hummingbird AI chip, it improves the processing of image quality, and uses AI technology to search for graphics. Identify and refactor to restore high-quality images with a sense of presence. In terms of sound quality, Skyworth uses CSO (Crystal Sound OLED) technology to use OLED panel as a vibration unit to realize screen sounding, sound and picture synchronization to solve the positional positioning of two-dimensional space, and equipped with Dobly ATMOS soundbar to achieve three-dimensional spatial stereo, real meaning 3D panoramic sound. In terms of AI, Skyworth has once again upgraded to create a new concept----full-time AI, full-time AI TV wake-up at any time, responsive, can achieve full-time wake-up, second-change sound, intelligent response.


Ten years ago, Skyworth began to lay out OLEDs in 2008. In 2013, China launched its first OLED TV. In 2015, it successfully produced 4K OLED TVs. In 2016, Skyworth and BOE released the first OLED TV independently researched and developed by China, which proved to the world that the Chinese TV industry has completely bid farewell to the era of “lack of core and less screen”. Skyworth also opened the road to the extraordinary king of ten years. According to the statistics of, the overall sales of Skyworth OLED TVs accounted for 46.0% of the total OLED sales in China in 2017, which means that one of the two OLED TVs sold in China is Skyworth. On July 31, Skyworth launched three heavyweight series and nine new products in Guangzhou, including: three MAX TV OLED new products S8A, S9A, W80, full-time AI TV G50, G60 and MAX TV series Q7A/ Q6A/Q5A/Q4A.


Today's new product release is also the accumulation of Skyworth's technological innovation, Skyworth wants to build its own king.


Skyworth, innovation and create the future, Wang Zhiguo said.