Sharp OLED Panel Will Be Inserted Into The IPhone Chain Next Year

- Sep 05, 2018-

At IFA 2018, Sharp publicly displayed a new mobile phone equipped with its own OLED panel, which uses POLED technology to achieve 3D full-surface design.


The aircraft is a new AQOUS machine that has not been released yet, although Sharp did not point out that it is a new machine to be released, but it is similar to the company's previous planning time. Recently, Sharp's vice president Nomura said that Sharp's OLED panel has been mass-produced in June this year. It is expected that this autumn, it will show its own OLED panel with Sharp mobile phone.


In order to sprint OLED, Sharp has previously announced that it will change the 4.5-generation LTPS LCD panel production line of the Mie Prefecture plant in Japan to the production line of OLED panels. The original monthly capacity of the plant is 90,000 pieces. In the future, one-third of the production capacity will be transferred to the production of OLED panels, and the monthly production capacity will reach 22,000 pieces.


The legal person believes that with Sharp's public display of new mobile phones equipped with OLED panels at IFA, the company is confident that its own OLED technology is in place and mass production technology is in place. It is expected that new mobile phones equipped with Sharp's own OLED panels will also be unveiled this year. After training on your own mobile phone, you will have the opportunity to enter the iPhone OLED supply chain next year, and make another breakthrough for the layout of the Hon Hai panel business.


Apple released the iPhone X for the 10th anniversary last year. It used OLED panels for the first time. This year, three new iPhones will be released, and two will use OLED screens. The industry even has news that the iPhone will be fully introduced into OLED next year, which has made the panel manufacturers active in recent years. Investing in OLED, I hope to have a place in the iPhone supply chain.


After investing in Sharp, Hon Hai re-created the mobile phone brand. Although the sales volume has gradually increased, and even won the second place in Japan’s mobile phone market last year, it is still “small and sorrowful” compared to the iPhone’s billions of jumps. The focus of the group's layout is to break into the next-generation iPhone supply chain through the Sharp OLED panel.


Hon Hai Group initially saw the years of strength accumulated by Sharp in the panel. After years of active “seeking relatives”, it finally entered the company smoothly in 2016. Under the leading reform of Hon Hai, in addition to strengthening the original LCD panel business, it has also been added in recent years. Great investment in OLED.