Science Displays Display For Good Health

- May 15, 2018-


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Today, almost all office workers use computers at work. After working at a computer all day long, many people will feel no pain or ailments at night. With regard to how to rationalize and arrange the work before the computer to avoid health problems, Russian clinical medical experts put forward many effective suggestions.

      1. Working in front of a computer is a sitting lifestyle, which means that muscles do not get exercised while working. This type of sitting style is most likely to damage the neck and back. If the office staff work arrangements are unreasonable, the situation will be even worse. It is very important that office workers should install adjustable monitors. Such a monitor is adjusted to adapt to each person's different physiological characteristics. It can also be rotated in any direction, and its height and display curvature can be adjusted as desired.

      2, if the monitor is slightly left, it will make the left neck muscles tight, and the right muscles stretched. This kind of imbalance will lead to a right deviation of the head. Therefore, the computer monitor in the office must be placed along the midline. In other words, the display must be placed directly behind the keyboard, because the keyboard's centerline must be consistent with the display and the human body's midline.

      3. Usually, at work, you must frequently look at the monitor, look at the keyboard, and then return to the monitor. This way, you will feel a pain in your neck. To avoid this situation, install a keyboard that suits you. Recently, many new models for information output and input have been patented worldwide. Among them, there is a keyboard placed vertically next to the monitor, and a keyboard with a pyramidal shape. The keys on the keyboard are designed vertically.

      4. The paper used in the work must be placed in the same distance, height, and angle as the computer monitor. To do this, you can use a gantry, but the gantry must be fixed near the monitor and stay at the same level as your eyes. If you want to print the entire article on paper, put the paper in the right place, or put it on the stand between the monitor and keyboard, this method will bring you a lot of convenience.

      5, to detect whether the monitor is installed properly, you only need to do a simple test. First of all, remember the point on the monitor you want to see often, then close your eyes. Slowly move the head up and down several times. When the head moves to the position you feel comfortable, stop motionless and open your eyes. If the monitor is properly installed, your eyes will just freeze at the point you previously noted.

      6. It is also important that the monitor cannot be mounted too high or too low. The starting line on the display must be at the same level as your eyes. If the user must frequently look at the keyboard or the paper on the table, the starting line of the display should be turned down again.

      7, even without these technological innovations, everyone who uses a computer can find a way to avoid that situation. The keyboard is placed at an angle lower than the front end. Also, the keyboard must be lower than the user's elbow, so that the elbow fold angle must be at least 90 degrees or slightly larger.

      For people using computers, pay attention to the following 5 points:

1. The monitor should not be placed too low and must remain at the same level as the eyes.

2. The seat should not be too low. Do not press under the knee.

3. The keyboard should not be placed too far away from the hand. It is important that the elbow and shoulders are level.

4. Do not lower your elbows below the tabletop.

5. Do not use your computer to bend your knees and place your feet under the seat. It's best to place the entire foot flat on the ground.