Samsung Will Resume Operation Of A4 OLED Panel Factory

- Aug 15, 2018-

According to industry sources, Samsung Display will resume production of its A4 OLED factory as early as October due to new customers.


The factory was originally an L7-1 liquid crystal production line, which should have been produced at the beginning of this year, but the plan has been delayed for several months due to shrinking demand.


According to sources, Samsung recently signed a supply agreement with a new Chinese customer whose screen touch display is called Y-OCTA and is currently only available to Samsung Electronics. The monthly capacity of the A4 plant is 30,000 six-generation OLED panels. However, it is still necessary to observe whether the plant can resume production as planned, as several months of trial operation is required to restart the operation of the closed facility.


From late last year to the beginning of this year, due to the off-season, Samsung showed that the amount of orders received was significantly reduced. In particular, the operating rate of the A3 plant, which mainly provides panels for Apple's iPhone, fell to 10%. But recently, due to the upcoming launch of new models and the growing demand from Chinese smartphone manufacturers, the A2 and A3 plants operate at almost 80% of their total capacity.