Samsung Will Launch Self-illuminating QLED TV By 2020

- Sep 03, 2018-

It is reported that Samsung Electronics recently said that it may launch a self-illuminating QLED TV that does not require backlighting around 2020, and said that the biggest problem facing the TV is not technology and the problem is price.


Han Jong-hui, head of Samsung's video display industry, said: "Because we can't set a very high price for self-illuminating QLED TVs, we are currently working hard to achieve full commercialization." About other competitors will soon launch self-illuminating QLED TV The move, such as China's TCL, Samsung expressed confidence in leading other manufacturers in terms of technical strength.


Samsung promoted its QLED TV with quantum dot technology as its quality product. On the other hand, its rival LG Electronics' high-end TVs use OLED displays that do not require backlighting. LG launched its 8K resolution QLED TV at this year's IFA and said it will also strive to maintain its leading position in the high-end market.


Kim Hyun-suk, head of Samsung Electronics Consumer Electronics and president, said: "Compared to previous products, our 8K TV stands out. For the past 13 years, we have been the dominant player in the TV industry, and we will continue to move forward. ”