Samsung Will Launch 75-inch Micro LED TV PlayNitride Provides Chips

- Sep 14, 2018-

According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics will launch a 75-inch Micro LED TV in 2019, and its display panel is made of 30*50 micron Micro LED chip produced by PlayNitide.


It is reported that PlayNitride has provided customers with 15*30 micron Micro LED samples, and plans to further reduce the chip size for smart wearable devices to 2.5*2.5 microns, and will begin production of related products in the second half of 2019.


According to sources, for capacity expansion, PlayNitride will issue new shares, which will increase Samsung's stake in PlayNitride to around 30%. .


PlayNitride demonstrated its RGB Micro LED applications at the 2018 Taiwan Semiconductor Semiconductor Materials Fair (Semicon Taiwan 2018) last week, including a car head-up display with a transparency of over 50%. PlayNitride says that display panels based on different RGB micro LED combinations have better contrast and brightness than LCD or OLED panels. In addition, by using the internally developed PixeLED display technology, the sub-20 micron micro LED can be transferred to different size panels with a yield of 99.9%.


PlayNitride said it is still developing SMART Technology, a technology for large-scale repair of defective Micro LEDs, with maintenance costs down to 10% below the huge transfer cost.