Samsung Sells Fifth-generation LCD Production Lines To China

- May 07, 2018-


It has been confirmed that Samsung Display has decided to sell its fifth-generation LCD panel production line equipment to China at a price of 50.88 million US dollars. After selling LCD panel manufacturing equipment, Samsung will turn the L5 plant into an OLED production line.

The L5 production line is mainly used to produce small and medium size LCD panels, such as monitors, notebook screens, 32-inch TVs and other products, with monthly production capacity of 100,000 to 120,000 tablets. However, with the increase in the output of Chinese LCD panel makers, it is difficult for the L5 production line to continue to make profits. As a result, Samsung Electronics stopped operating at the end of last year and has been looking for business sales.

At present, Samsung's display plans to focus on OLEDs, rather than small and medium size LCD panels, because last year Samsung provided OLED panels for Chinese smart phone manufacturers with good results. In addition, Samsung Display also plans to focus on the curved OLED market, such as smart watches, HMD display, vehicle display and so on. The curved OLED market has just begun to take shape, with more opportunities for development, and may become the development trend of the entire industry in the future.