Samsung Production Of Folding Screen: The New Machine Price To Buy Two IPhone XS

- Nov 26, 2018-

According to the latest news from the Korean industry chain, Samsung has begun to produce folding screens. According to their plan, the first batch of folding screen mobile phones has more than 1 million stocks. This is also the current mobile phone manufacturer with the largest number of folding screens. It’s gone.


Industry chain sources stressed that Samsung's launch of folding screen mobile phones in addition to showing their strong innovation capabilities, but also to other mobile phone manufacturers to promote their folding screen, thereby attracting more and more mobile phone manufacturers to participate .


Due to limited production capacity, the price of Galaxy Flex is very high. It is said that the price range of the Galaxy Flex is between $1,925 and $2,565. According to this pricing, it is no problem to buy two iPhone XS. After all, the latter price is only $1,000.


Gao Dongzhen, the head of Samsung's mobile phone, said that Samsung mobile phones have failed in the Chinese market, but they will not take the cheap mobile phone route, and rely on the Galaxy S10 and the folding screen to regain the favor of users.


From the effect of Samsung's previous display, the Galaxy Flex uses an inward folding method, with a Cover Display of 4.59 inches, an aspect ratio of 21:9, and a resolution of 840x1960 (HD, 420 PPI). The internal screen is the Main Display, which is 7.3 inches after deployment, with an aspect ratio of 4.2:3 and a resolution of 1536x2152 (QXGA, 420PPI).