Samsung Display Urgency OLED Panel Combat Force Small Production Of Homemade Mask

- Jan 18, 2019-

Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) Vice President Quan Wuyi took the lead in directing Samsung Display (Samsung Display), facing the mainland panel factory to launch a TFT LCD production competition, Samsung Display decided to fully adjust the proportion of panel production, strengthen investment will soon grow in the application market The flexible OLED panel, currently Samsung's six factories in South Korea, is expected to have four factories for OLED production purposes, Samsung monitors in South Korea is expected to have more than half of the OLED panel battle.

In the first half of 2016, Samsung Display invested about 2 trillion won (about 1.72 billion US dollars) for flexible OLED panels. The total investment before the end of 2017 will reach 5 trillion won (about 4.3 billion US dollars), due to Apple's new iPhone. Looking forward to the installation of OLED panels, the industry expects that the demand for flexible OLED panels will increase greatly from 2017. After the command of the five monitors, Samsung Display has turned positively to the OLED panel.

Samsung display urgency OLED panel combat force small production of homemade mask

According to South Korea's DigitalTimes report, after the L6 production line, Samsung Display plans to sell some equipment of the L7 production line of the Yujing Factory and convert the L7 production line into a flexible OLED panel. The Korean industry estimates Samsung display from 2016 to 2017. The process of converting production equipment will have a maximum investment of 3 trillion won (about 2.58 billion US dollars).

At present, Samsung monitors operate in Korea, including L6~L8 LCD panel factory and A1~A3 OLED panel factory for mobile equipment. Among them, L6 mainly produces IT product panels, L7 and L8 lock production LCD TV panels, as for A1 main production. Flat OLED panel, A2 produces flat and flexible OLED panels, and A3 locks in the production of flexible OLED panels.

If Samsung's display converts the L7 line into a flexible OLED panel, Samsung's six plants in South Korea will have four plants for OLED production. In fact, Samsung Display L7 production line originally produced 40-inch panel, which has been losing money since 2016, forcing Samsung Display to sell some equipment and adjust LCD business to produce more than 40-inch large TV panels and high value-added products. .

In addition, Samsung Display plans to discontinue the supply of some monitors and NB LCD panels from the second half of 2016, mainly due to the suspension of supply of low-resolution TN panels, and the shift to centralized production of OLEDs and high value-added products to improve production line operation. benefit.

It is worth noting that in order to enhance the competitiveness of OLED panel products, Samsung Display has recently completed the production of mask reticle samples by Samsung Electronics reticle production line, and has begun to produce a small amount of reticle, which will not be ruled out in the future. Homemade reticle use ratio. If the Samsung monitor can produce the mask by itself, it is expected to optimize the mask and OLED process technology, which not only helps the technology to improve, but also prevents the technology from flowing out. Once the mask output reaches a certain level, the production cost can be reduced.