Samsung Display Screen Sound Technology: The Handset Can Be Removed

- Jun 13, 2018-

According to the Korean media ETNews report, at the information display society conference held in May, Samsung demonstrated the sound integrated into display.

The report also quoted sources as saying that Samsung and LG plan to commercialize this technology on smart phones next year. Samsung's products use 6.2-inch OLED screens, and the outside world involuntarily associates them with the so-called "Galaxy S10."

 LCD display 1.jpg

In technology implementation, Samsung's screen sounds are based on OLED panels. With the help of piezoelectric sensing and bone conduction mechanisms, when the ear touches the upper half of the screen, it will sound through the micro-vibration unit, and the sound can be heard just by being close to the screen.

Judging from last night's vivo NEX, Samsung's completion and ultimate experience should be even worse.

 LCD display 2.png

With the screen sound technology, the future of Samsung mobile phones can directly cancel the forehead of the handset, thus creating conditions for the increase in screen share. Of course, in fact, at present, for the S8/S9 full-screen product that retains a complete "forehead", the biggest difficulty is how the front camera should be "shifted." Vivo's countermeasures are that lifting and shooting lenses and Apple's countermeasures are "bangs," and Xiaomi MIX 2S's strategy is to move to the "chin."

However, according to information held by SamMobile, Samsung is unlikely to have Liu Haiping's mobile phone.

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